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Did you receive an enjoyable phone call this Friday?

5 Jun 2018

Did you receive an enjoyable phone call this Friday?

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I consider myself very lucky to have received two very enjoyable calls this FRIDAY afternoon from my service providers. Most service providers consider FRIDAY afternoon a “taboo” day to call their customers.

Why do service providers traditionally think FRIDAY is a “bad” day to call their customers?

Perhaps it is because some customers use Fridays to finish off their week’s work and prepare for the next week. Some assume that a customer may have had a bad week. Therefore it’s best to leave them alone.

Now I am not proposing that you call your customers every Friday. If fact, it is essential to find out when you conclude your first transaction, when and how they would prefer to be contacted. The benefits however far outweigh the disadvantages. Your customer might leave their workplace happier regardless of the situation just because of your conversation.

The calls I received today definitely had this affect. They made my afternoon for two reasons:

They genuinely rang to see how my business was going, and,
They both gave me 3-4 items of real value to help me continue to grow my business
What they didn’t do was try to sell me anything. In fact we also chatted about our families and I learned a lot more about them apart from their businesses.

During my workshops and mentoring programs, we spend a lot of time on Customer Relationship Management and why your CRM software is so important. As most of my participants are working in the financial services industry, especially mortgage brokers and financial planners, they are very fortunate to have excellent CRM systems, provided by their Aggregators.

Obviously, my two callers, are using their CRM system effectively and it was a pleasure to speak with them. I left the office appreciating their follow up and feeling happier.

I would like to introduce these service providers to you because of their great customer service:

  • Jane Anderson, Australia’s well known LinkedIn expert https://au.linkedin.com/in/janeandersonpersonalimpact ,and
  • Sean Burgess, my Sales Force Account Executive https://au.linkedin.com/in/seanwburgess

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