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Mentoring Program

A mortgage broker mentor:

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.” -Steven Spielberg

Having a mortgage broker mentor is a very valuable tool. With a mortgage broker mentor you form a relationship with a professional. They know your world. The program helps build stronger relationships with your customers. It also assists with the teams you are involved with. Gail believes these are the primary ingredients for your success.

Mentoring outcomes are improved when your mortgage broker mentor is independant. Gail is independent. She is a good listener and can offer information and support as needed. Her program brings specific strengths and skills to compliment your own. Often you discover many talents you may not have recognised before.

Gail has spent a large proportion of her career as a mortgage broker mentor. She has also worked with larger financial institutions implementing customised mentoring and writing mentoring programs.

Her Mortgage Broker Mentor program involves a combination of professional and personal development.

She offers two types of programs – one for private individuals and the other for Businesses and their staff. They have been designed initially for a 90 day period and can be extended depending on the needs of each participant.

Gail is very proud to have been a mortgage broker mentor to many brokers inside and outside the mortgage broking industry. Regularly, she receives calls from previous mentees. They call to share their progress especially their recent achievements and success. What impresses her most, is that they still consider her their primary mortgage broker mentor.

Mentees often do not realise the significance of their roles and how important their positions are to the overall success of their business.

By gaining insights into the client’s needs, Mentees are able to provide valuable options and strengthen their client relationships for the long term.

Mentees realise that by being a team player, their roles become easier, more enjoyable and their ideas flow.